Epson Printer Troubleshooting: Fixed Color Printing In Epson

Epson printer troubleshooting

Printer is mandatory for official usage. But what if printer goes down? Put Offline? Then, a companion like us comes forward. To help you with Epson Printer issues, we have come up with Epson Printer Troubleshooting guide. Here, all issues from Epson printer not printing black to Epson printer troubleshooting paper feed discussed in detail. Let’s see how:

Epson Printer Troubleshooting Problems Solutions

Epson printer sometimes can be surrounded by lots of problems. It could be printing black pages, banding, blurry prints, faded prints, and incorrect colors appearing.

To resolve the issues with the same, you must need to be familiar with the starting point (roots) of these issues.

Let us now discuss some particular/ common reasons that keep coming when Epson goes down.

  • Driver outdated.
  • Your printer is not set as default one.
  • Because printer showing offline; it won’t produce expected results.
  • Unstable network is causing issues.
  • Spooler is causing issues as service error found.
  • The last one, Paper jammed issue.

Now, how do we fix them? Well, for that resume reading…

Why Is My Epson printer connected but not printing? 

You might be mistaken! Generally, the primary reason which comes forward is you don’t have a proper connection of your printer with a port or with your PC. Make sure to check it is connected properly. Meanwhile, the given steps would help:

  • Switch the printer ON.
  • Ensure cable connectivity between PC and Printer.
  • Both devices; PC and Printer should be aligned with same connection.
  • Diagnose ink level with paper jams issue.
  • In case on printer light flashes, you need to refill ink.
  • Similarly, if printer shows paper out light ON, fill extra paper.
  • While paper jamming; pull out stuck paper gently.
  • Put both Printer and PC on Restart mode.
  • This will help you get out trouble. If not, connect with Epson help center.

Epson Printer Offline – Why?

Epson Printer Offline will not likely work and the print work will be affected by it. But, to come out of it, we must fix cable connections between printer and WiFi or Printer and ports. To do so, you must use clean cable or undamaged cable and also the port should be well electrified. This will help in regain online status for your Epson Printer.

Epson Paper Jam 

Meanwhile, using Epson printer if you find paper jammed issue and it’s affecting the normal task on printer; you should not wait but follow the below steps to fix it.

  • Initially, put your PC off.
  • Then, tap on the ‘PAPER’ icon found at the bottom of printer to recover paper.
  • You need to lift lid up and pull out paper jammed inside the printer.
  • Check to not let a small piece stuck in the printer.
  • Further, put paper straightforwardly and correctly into the printer.
  • Additional tip: keep your printer on flat surface.
  • Use unwrinkled paper for lesser faults.

Why is My Epson printer not printing color properly? 

Alike other troublesome, Epson printer not printing color is one of the most asked doubts with Epson printer’s respect. It’s common that when you try to print a document in color form, it shows error or ‘Epson printer not printing black’ comes forward. To cure this, the given steps will help.

  • Set paper type according to the paper you put.
  • Remove Black/Grayscale or Grayscale setting is unselected on the printer.
  • Activate nozzle check to check print head clogged; clean the print head, if needed.
  • Check level of ink and the color of ink too.
  • It takes times for colors to appear in printout as ink dries. To speed up dry time, avoid piling printout copies on one another.
  • Using color management, you can get your desired print for your printer. However, on screen visual and printout remains different a bit.
  • We recommend using genuine ink & paper.
  • Use Power Ink Flushing utility if the printer is kept without being used for long.

How to Fix Epson Printer Error light Blinking? 

To eradicate the light blinking issue on Epson printer, you need to consider the given below steps.

  • Take out waste ink tank from Epson printer.
  • Put it on the same place again with care.
  • At last, reset the waste ink of Epson Printers by downloading and using an appropriate tool.

The Bottom Line: 

To cater a lot of Epson printer issues, Epson Printer Troubleshooting guide is created. Even a small error is enough to hamper your print job. Hence, take benefit of the blog and connect with Epson Printer Support center.

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