Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages: An Easy To Apply Fix

Epson printer printing blank pages

In professional, domestic, or any other place, the use of Printers is present for sure. The printer is kept for use because of its quick completion of the job within a short time. To make this work well, a lot of printers brand keeps coming with their super printer device; however, Epson Printer stands separately due to its reliable services for years. But, even if the printer works well, a slight edge of error is common to witness. Similarly, we would tackle an emerging error called Epson printer printing blank pages in this blog.

Before anything to discuss, finding the causes for respective errors is worthwhile.

Reasons For Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

A printer works well with the help of many other parts of it that are necessary to produce the required results. If those subsidiary parts are missed or stopped working, you will find your Printer Printing Blank Pages and so on. Here’s what could be missed out:

  • The ink dried up in the nozzle.
  • The paper size is not accurate.
  • Empty Ink cartridge
  • Software issue installed in the device
  • Printer drivers are causing a problem.
  • The cartridge is not installed correctly.

Now, these issues are commonly caused when the problem appears with the Epson printer printing blank pages. Since the causes have been discussed let’s delve into the resolution part.

Set A Few Things Prior To Apply The Resolution 

Sometimes, having an issue doesn’t mean the problem is in the other parts of your printer; however, the issue arousal could be because of other things that should have been put well.

Let’s understand how:

  • First, place the printer in a stable place where not a slight tilt is there.
  • While installing the cartridge, make sure to remove the yellow tap from it.
  • Check for the paper size, layout settings, and other printing settings that are correct.
  • Replace the old ink cartridges.
  • Additionally, make use of paper that is the product specified.

Now if you have tried everything aforementioned and didn’t find it helping your issue, jump onto the next part: A resolution part.

Do you Want To Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages?

With the processes defined here, you will be able to remove printing blank pages issues. The steps start from:

1. Cleaning blocked nozzle & printhead of the printer

Generally, keeping the printer without use is the reason that your printer is not printing properly. For that, you need to make sure the print head of the printer is clean. Here’s how you do it:

  • Select the home button and select the setup option. Then, move to the “Maintenances” option.
  • Here, choose the “Printhead Nozzle Check.”
  • Then, the printer will check it by printing a page and showing four shaded networks; it will help to know the nozzle is blocked or not.
  • If the result of checking shows holes or blackout lines; choose the “Clean the printhead” option & the “proceed” option.
  • Avoid shutting down the printer while it’s in cleaning mode. Doing so will harm the printer.
  • If the problem still exists, you better get in touch with the Epson help desk.

2. Checking Ink cartridges of the printer 

Find out the Ink cartridge and whether it’s having an issue or not.

  • Under the three conditions, you can check the Ink cartridge.
  • At the time you find a low ink level, you can refill the ink cartridge of the Epson printer.
  • Then, if the ink cartridge doesn’t have ink, you can easily change it with the filled cartridge.
  • And then, at the time of putting in new cartridge ink, taking out the protective tapes from your cartridge will work.

3. Printer driver update 

Issues like printing blank pages seem to float when the printer driver is outdated. Well, in that case, it is necessary to update the printer driver so that the issue could be resolved.

The below-given procedure will help you do it easily:

  • Initially, take a tour of Epson printer official page and find the printer model that you are using.
  • Then after, as you find the model; find drivers and tap to download.
  • Use the downloaded printer driver and check the issue is fixed.

4. Troubleshoot run for Printer: 

  • Open the Setting section of the device and pick the ‘update and security option.’
  • On the left side, choose Troubleshoot option and tap printer from the right page.
  • Run troubleshooting and evaluate the issue.

Fix Printer printing blank on Mac and windows 

Whether using Windows or Mac for your printing purpose, you will easily be able to find out how to troubleshoot printing blank issues.

Windows 10: 

  • Tap the Windows key and open the “Settings” option.
  • Pick the “Devices” option.
  • Then after, choose the “Printers and scanners” button.
  • After selecting your printer, tap “Manage”>“Printing Preferences.”
  • Click the “Maintenance” and pick the “Extended Settings” button.
  • Here, pick the “Skip Blank Page.”
  • Click the “OK” as important and save the settings.


  • Initially, tap the Apple menu; launch the “System Preferences.”
  • From here, pick “Print and Scan”, “Print and Fax”, or “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Here, choose the product as well as “Options and Supplies.”
  • At this moment, choose the “Driver or Options” settings.
  • Set Skip Blank Page to “On” and press “OK.”

Summing Up!

If you, in the past, were in search of Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages, then here it ends. With your printer printing well, a lot of reasons keep affecting the process. However, Printing Blank Pages is not an issue that should bother you most. To fix it, clean the printhead of the printer, update the printer driver, check the cartridge, etc.s Hope this short but valuable info guide helped you to tackle the Printer Printing Blank issue.

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