Get Rid Of Epson Printer Offline Issue – Methods To Fix

Epson Printer offline

Epson printer offline” occurs due to various hardware and software technical issues. When Epson Printer shows an offline error, it is simply because the Printer has some connectivity issues with the PC. No matter which printer you use either wired or wireless, the “offline” error shows up when the PC and printer have disrupted connectivity.

Go through our troubleshooting tips below to get rid of printer issues.

“Epson Printer Offline” How To Fix It?

If you are clueless about why my Epson printer is offline, several issues may be responsible, and as a result of this, it is a bit difficult to find the real cause. Apart from the connectivity issues, outdated drivers, and incorrect configuration of the printer on the PC are also responsible for the offline issue.

 Why Is “My Epson Printer Offline” on Mac

  • Go to the “Apple Menu” and choose “system preferences”.
  • Secondly, click “Printer and scanner”.
  • Right-click on your printer and select “Reset Printing System”.
  • Provide your Mac credentials – username and password.
  • Thereafter, a list of printers will display.
  • Add your printer by clicking the “+” icon.

How To Bring Epson Printer Online From Offline?

1. Simply Reboot both your PC and the printer

When the Epson printer is displaying an offline error, simply turn on and off both the PC and printer. Let’s give your devices one more chance to resume work with fresh memory by restarting them. The rebooting procedure plays a vital role in fixing several errors the device may have during the working condition.

2. Ensure “Use Printer Offline” is unchecked

Another reason that leads the printer to an offline state is enabling the “Use Printer Offline” option. Make sure you unselect this option and try again.

Follow the given steps to disable “Use Printer Offline”:-

  • Go to the “Control Panel” of your computer device.
  • Under “Control Panel”, choose “Device and Printers”.
  • After this, a list of the connected printer will display on a computer screen.
  • Choose your “printer” and right-click on it.
  • Click on “see what is printing”.
  • Select “printer” and uncheck “Use Printer Offline”.
  • After the above steps are followed successfully, the offline issue of the Epson Printer will be fixed.

3. Fix the Epson Printer Paper Jam issue

Inappropriate loading of papers in the printer’s tray can make the printer stand in an offline state. Various factors are also responsible for the Epson printer paper jam issue. When papers are stuck, curled, and bent, occurring of jam is quite obvious. Besides this, if you are installing unacceptable or invalid size papers in your printer, it may also lead to a jam problem.

Also, ensure to follow all guidelines given in the paper tray while installing sheets on the printer.

4. Connect the Printer and the PC Properly

For wireless connectivity – If you use a wireless printer, ensure your printing device is connected to the PC properly by the same Wi-Fi connection. At a time, you can either use wired or wireless connectivity.  Moreover, the speed of Wi-Fi should also be good so that both devices function properly to do printing tasks without obstacles.

For Wired Connectivity – USB cables should be in good working condition but if wires are damaged, it will surely cause an offline error.

Also, check for whether there is loose USB connectivity between Epson Printer and the PC. Connect the cables properly to get the task done with ease. If the cables are broken, get them repaired and try again.

5. Solved The Epson Printer Spooler Service

When the Printer Spooler service continues to stop even after you restart it, it may be because of the outdated printer drivers. Print spooler service may malfunctions if you are using old printer drivers.

The spooler service manages print jobs in the memory of your computer system and if it has some issue, the printer will go offline.

Follow the steps below to fix the restart print spooler:-

  • Firstly, Open the “Run” dialog box and enter the given command – “Services.msc”.
  • Secondly, a window will appear where you will have to find and click on “Print Spooler”.
  • The status of “print Spooler” should be running but if it is not, right-click on “Print Spooler” and select “start”.
  • Eventually, you can try using your printer again.

6. Delete Print Jobs

It is compulsory to delete pending print jobs from the queue so that printer can function smoothly. Fix the Epson printer offline by removing all print jobs.

Steps to delete print jobs:-

  • Open run and enter services.msc .
  • Right- Click on “Print Spooler” and go to “Properties”.
  • Select “stop” then, “OK”.
  • Go to
  • “Windows Explorer” and in the URL enter – %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS.
  • Now, delete all the files available in the “Print Folder”.
  • Restart both the PC and computer and try again.

7. Set Epson Printer As Default

  • First, Go to the “Control Panel”.
  • Second, click on the “device and printers”
  • After that, choose your “printer” and right-click on it.
  • Select “As Default”.

8. Printer Drivers Update

Head to the official site of Epson Printer and download important updates for drivers. Using the latest printer drivers can enhance the printer’s productivity.

Steps To Install Epson Printer Drivers

  • Turn on your PC and go to the “Control Panel”.
  • After that, choose and click on the “Add or remove programs” option.
  • Under the “Add and remove programs” option, uninstall the drivers.
  • Now, click on the “Add Printer” option to install the latest drivers.
  • Choose your printer model number and download the drivers.
  • This process will take a few minutes to finish the task.

Final Word

Here in this blog, we have mentioned the best 8 troubleshooting tips using which you may easily succeed in resolving Epson Printer offline issue. if the Printer still says offline, submit your query by visiting our Epson printer support home page. Fill out the contact us form by entering all essential details including the problem you are facing with the printer.

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